Update :)

I must admit, the last few months have been exciting. A lot of things happened, a lot has changed. After quite a serious final push I was done with my final diploma project for the university and I have successfully passed the public defense of it. After that I fully devoted myself to art and very intense studies, and hopefully that's how things will remain indefinitely. Here are the latest illustrations I painted, I hope you like them as much I liked working on them.

I love exploring mood and trying to reinforce the mood I'm after with the use of light. This is what I tried to do in this one, Respite.


This one is called Dodge and Burn. Once again, exploring mood, it was inspired by the title of the upcoming The Dead Weather album. I just like how the words and also the attitude of this band's music. This started as a 1.5h speed-painting (which can be seen below too) and then I took my time developing it a lot further.
Dodge and Burn
 This one is a present for the birthday of a very dear friend of mine. I decided to call the girl in the image Elise, no real reason behind it, it's just a lovely name.

 The images that follow are all speed-paintings that took me 1.5hours each. It's always challenging and fun to try to present an idea in such short time. And a good exercise too! The first one is a Dark Souls fan-art, Grave lord Nito. The fifth one is a Stephen King's The Gunslinger fan-art. The rest are original ideas.