Elves, Sorceresses and Ghosts!

Hey! It's been a while since the last update :) Here are some recent paintings! Feel free to share.
Also very soon I'll start posting studies and process GIFs. If anyone is interested in seeing something else, let me know, i'm open to suggestions.

This is a qucik sketch, about 3 hours, the last 2 can be seen on demand on my livestream channel.

Gold Leaf

This painting was intended as a fake game card :D Very fun to do!

The Wraith
 Yennefer ,oh Yennefer! The most interesting character from Andrzej Sapkowski's The Wicther book series. She's always a bit angry and has quite the temper. The Witcher 3 video game is coming out relatively soon, and they have their own version of Yen. This is the reason I painted her now, eventually my idea of her will get mixed with what's in the game. The dress took forever to design and render, but it was worth it :)
Yennefer of Vangerberg